Lewis & Graves are leading the way with our bespoke time attendance systems, putting you in control with real-time staff notifications. 

Easy and accurate staff tracking

  • The system allows our area and site managers to monitor Lewis & Graves staff more easily and efficiently than ever before.
  • We can track remotely who is on-site at any one time, identifying latecomers and providing reports in real time, assisting fast replacement of staff absences.

Security and safeguarding

  • Lewis & Graves takes security very seriously and have invested thousands of pounds in technology, linked directly to the home office. This is to make sure every member of staff is vetted to the highest level.
  • What security can time attendance offer? It will only allow a security vetted and trained member of staff to enter the building.
  • The system is linked directly to the area managers phone and ipad for real-time staff notifications.


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